Arroyo thanks Filams in Chicago stopover

[singlepic=167,65,240,,left]CHICAGO, Illinois – President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo stopped over here Nov. 12 en route to New York to thank the Filipino American community for their contribution to the Philippine economy.
She addressed the members of the community at Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Chicago’s suburban Rosemont after the buffet dinner. Pundits in Manila said the Chicago stopover was another of her attempt to speak with president-elect Barack Obama who was reported to be in Chicago. Officials of the Philippine consulate general here refused to comment about that possibility.
This was the second time that Mrs. Arroyo visited Chicago during her term as president. In 2002, she came by to speak before the Economic Club of Chicago after attending a mass at a Chicago Catholic
church. She did not hold a press conference either nor entertained questions from the media during that time.
Arroyo stayed here for a few hours then proceeded to New York city, where she joined world leaders in a high level United Nations conference promoting inter-faith harmony as means to end wars and conflicts.

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