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A Telenovela

Bing C. BraniginJanuary, 2012 proved to be a very busy month for me. Just on the 7 1/2 weeks of the year, I found myself traveling, meeting, and executing commitments.

Yeah, the Dragon year is good for me.

The winter weather finally arrived in our area as I write this column, not the same winter of the past years, strong cold winds. Funny thing is I bought a new pair of snow boots, snow gears, and new shovels. Still have not have the chance to use neither of them.

Those who have TFC, Internet access to news in the Philippines are spending hours watching the Impeachment hearing of Supreme Court Justice, Renato Corona.

The hearing being held at the chambers of the Philippine Senate is carried live for hours and hours. Like a telenovela unfolding on Filipinos home, Filipino Americans are also following the coverage here in the U.S.

But as the hearing goes on, it’s evident that this is more a circus a sarzuela and politically driven hearing.

Obviously, this is a battle between the prosecution and the defense, and we know whose side are better prepared.

But in the Philippines, this is also a battle of Public Relation practitioners that both sides hired to spin and they have been spinning the comments and editorials for weeks now.

Lately though, interest in the hearing has started to diminish. People are more interested in the bachelor President’s love life.

PNoy’s new girl interest is a Korean broadcast and print personality, Grace Lee.

Like a Korean telenova, this is becoming an obsession by the media.

In fact, some naughty comments from the media says that this is good for the tourism industry, more Korean tourists.

Meanwhile in Washington, D.C., Amb. Cuisia and his staff were busy with high level meetings.

Not too long ago, a group of US legislators went to the Philippines. And not known to many Filipino Americans there were high ranking officials also visited Washintton D.C.

There’s a renewed and energized partnership between the two countries. At a hearing at the Sub-Committee of Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. State Department and Assistant Secretary of the Department of Defense, stood as witnesses and resource persons for the more aid to the Philippines.

Not only they asked assistance for the Philippines maritime security, military modernization, but also the passage of the SAVE ACT.

Three weeks ago, sports fans were talking about Tim Tebow. The football phenomenon, born in the Philippines and considers Philippines as his home.

In fact, he is now on his way to the Philippines to continue his humanitarian projects. One of which is the final launching of a hospital somewhere in the southern Philippines.

Now, Jeremy Lin, the Asian American Harvard graduate that plays with the New Year Knicks.

Yes, he is another Cinderella story. We just hope and pray that he will continue to succeed.

By the way, he is Taiwanese, not Chinese.

On the eve of the annual Grammy Award, Whitney Houston died. What a sad tragedy end of this wonderful talent. Whitney has been fighting her demons for the past ten years. She had been to rehab several times, and this year looks like she was winning the battle. In fact she just finished a film a film, and been rehearsing for a comeback.

Her voice will forever be remembered as one of the best. Let’s remember her music and how Whitney made us love life. Many artists were inspired by her, one of them is our very own Charise Pempengco.

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