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6th Annual Asian Festival held in Reston, Virginia

bing-page-tiniklingAt the 6th Annual Asian Festival held in Reston, Virginia, August 1 and 2, the Philippine booth won the top prize. It also featured carvings that had the likeness of President Corazon Aquino who died of cancer in Manila Aug. 1. Other winners were Thailand for most colorful; and Tibet and Korea for most innovative.
A memorial corner was set up at the booth so that people could pay their respects to the departed icon of democracy. Speaker after speaker mentioned their sadness on the death of Mrs. Aquino and offered their condolences to the Aquino family and the Filipino people.

Last year, the Philippine booth also won the top honors. There were over 30 countries which participated in the cultural programs and competitions by dance groups, bands, sports, and singing. There were also dozens of Asian food vendors and booths dispensing trade and other information from the participating countries.
Thousands of people come to the 2-day festival which is yearly presented by Singha Beer, USTA, Reston Associations, Dulles Commerce, Thai Tennis Associations, Virginia Lottery, and many more.

Featured country for 2009 is India and the Philippines in 2010. At the Philippine booth, professional food carvers Eric Baisas, Angelito Baban and Marcelo Dalagan, showed their craftsmanship by sculpting waxes, ice, chocolates, vegetables and fruits into an art work.

They created a Cory Aquino likeness from a watermelon and an angel besides it curved from a cantaloupe. Guests were so impressed that they requested the carvers to teach them the technique of carving.
International singer Filipina American singer, Stephanie Reese, wowed the crowd at the main stage with her songs. Reese performed all over Europe as Kim in Miss Saigon, Disney World’s Hunchback of Notre Dame as Esmeralda, and the Princess in the King and I in London’s West End.

She now performs sold out solo concerts all over the world, including Malaysia, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, and the United States. Reese also is a Gawad Kalinga advocate who performs for its cause. She’s currently recording an album with Lionel Richie in California. Jade Estrada bravely dance the Tinikling despite her five-inch stilettos to the delight of the crowd at the Asian Festival.

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