1st Pinoy pilot of Super Jumbo jet

[singlepic=320,285,240,,left]MANILA = Nathaniel Calvo is the first Filipino pilot to qualify to fly the Airbus A380 Super Jumbo jet of the Arab Emirates.

Originally from San Antonio Village in Metro Manila, Nathaniel graduated high school from Manila Science, subsequently attending the University of the Philippines at Diliman studying Mechanical Engineering.

He then followed this up by studying Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at Saint Louis University in the USA. It was whilst here that he decided to take flying lessons for recreational purposes, which started his love of flying. The urge took him to become a professional pilot.
After serving with United Airlines for 8 years as a regional pilot, Nathaniel became part of a start-up group that founded a low cost airline in the US, Independence Air, flying Airbus A319/320’s. After Independence Air closed, he joined Emirates in 2006 based in Dubai. Nathaniel got through the A380 Pilot Proficiency Check and was given the temporary license to fly the Super Jumbo on September 15th this year.
Married to Cecilia Roco, they live in Dubai and have a son Matthew and hoping for a second addition to the family. His parents and siblings live in the US, although they still have other relatives and land in the Philippines.

Happy now that Emirates have pushed him through the qualifying course to become the first Filipino to pilot an Airbus A380, he sees his future with them and the lifestyle he enjoys in the Gulf state.

6 Replies to “1st Pinoy pilot of Super Jumbo jet”

  1. Congratulations Jordan!

    you made pinoys proud of you, and not to mention Jeremy, your mentor and best friend! hail high!

  2. wow ang galing naman captain calvo pero di na yata sya filipino citizen eh pero ang galing ng achievement pinoy world class tlga

  3. it is nice to hear,,na kbabayan ang ngmamaneho ng a380…i always fly with emirates whenever i go home..kaso wala atang a380 papuntng pinas ehh,,…nice one capt…goodluck sa carrer mo…

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